Bud is a 22-year-old Haflinger. He has had many jobs before coming to Hoove of Hope; he has been in parades, pulled farm equipment, and is broke to ride. Bud is a very sweet boy who loves his job pulling our wagon with his best pal, Spud, in our Therapeutic Driving program. Haflingers have very strong bodies which allow them to do a variety of jobs, like driving or pulling a wagon or riding. Haflingers usually live quite a long time—upwards of 40 years old! This is good news for us- it means Bud will be working here for a long time!

Spud is a 25-year-old Haflinger that is best pals with Bud. He is trained to do many jobs like riding, pulling farm equipment, being in parades, and driving or pulling wagons. But his favorite job of all is pulling our wagon with Bud for our Therapeutic Driving program! Spud is a strong ol’ boy, and we plan on him pulling our wagon for years to come. Spud is always happy to get treats, so make sure you bring him carrots or apple or both!

Hi there. My name is Taz, which is my barn name and my given name is Skip Uno. I am a registered 18-year-old grey Quarter Horse gelding. I came from a show barn and did showing in reining, western pleasure and trail courses. I have a lot of experience being ridden and one time I even carried my owner down the aisle to marry the love of her life! I decided to give up the show life to join the team here at Hooves of Hope Equestrian Center and absolutely love my job here. I am currently being used as an EAGALA therapy horse and love completing the activities with my human friends.

My favorite thing to do is eat carrots after going on a trail ride. I love being groomed and it is a good thing too because I can get pretty dirty. My horse friends here tell me I can be a little rude to them in the field but that’s because I just really love food! I hope I sound like the kind of horse you want meet! I know I would love to meet you so come on out… just don’t forget to bring me a carrot or two!




Good day Americans, my name is Fantasia, and I was born in the United Kingdom. I am a 16 year old Gypsy Vanner, which is a smaller draft breed. I came to the United States to be a brood mare and have had quite a few foals since arriving here! I arrived at Hooves of Hope a couple months ago from Lex Lin Gypsy Vanner’s. My luscious locks are quite noticeable and I take a lot of work to groom since I am practically all white!

I am settling in well to my new home and love my donkey friend, Maya. I prefer lazy days on the farm, walking around the field to watch all the people go in and out of the barn. I love attention and I am still in training but hope to be a therapeutic riding horse soon!



Howdy friends! My name is Smoke which is a lot shorter than my registered name Sheez Steel Smokin. I am a 18-year-old buckskin Quarter Horse mare. I am being leased to Hooves of Hope Equestrian Center after being retired from showing western pleasure and trail riding. I now do therapeutic riding and love walking around the ring or on the trail with my riders! I will go anywhere you want me to go with a happy attitude!

I am a pretty quiet girl who doesn’t like to stir up trouble so all my horse friends like me! I really love my best friend Fiona and we enjoy being in our paddock eating grass together. My favorite thing to do is keep my rider safe and do a good job listening to their commands. I love to see the smiles on my human friend’s faces and it makes me happy that they are smiling. I hope to see you around the barn sometime, come visit me if you get a chance to stop by!


Hello friends, my name is Reggie. I am the largest horse at Hooves of Hope and boy am I a gentle giant! I am a 16-year-old Belgian gelding. I love people of all ages, being fed grain, and spending my time in the field with my friends. I was rescued 2 years ago from a place that was not very nice to me. It took a while to trust people again but after lots of love, patience, and care from Hooves of Hope I learned that not every person is going to be mean to me; in fact, a lot of people are really nice! Right now I participate in the EAGALA program where humans get to take me through obstacle courses, groom me, lead me around, see my scars, and learn about some of the “scars” in their lives. Hope to see you around the barn someday!





Hi everyone! I’m Bristol. I am a 11-year old Appaloosa mare. I am a social butterfly and love to talk to every horse I see. Whenever my friends go into the barn I neigh loudly asking when they will come back in. I am a smaller horse but make up for it with my personality! I’m very alert and love to explore new things.

After I arrived at Hooves of Hope I started right in on training to be a therapeutic riding horse! I have come along well and have begun to be used in therapeutic riding lessons. I do really well with independent riders and love fast walking.

Hi guys, my name is Rio. I am a 6 year old Quarter Horse! I am very laid back and like to walk around my field looking for grass. My pasture mates call me a pushover since I try to stay out of fights and try to get along with everyone. I love people and am a very curios horse!

I was donated to Hooves of Hope because my owner knew this job would be perfect for me! Sure enough, I really like what I’ve been involved in so far. I have started my career as a therapeutic riding horses! I love trail rides and walking around the fields. If you come by the farm just look for a short red head with a shiny mane and tail!



Hello there, my name is Magic! I am a dark bay 10-year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding! I’m an active horse and love to explore my surroundings! I’m very playful and get along with most of the horses on the farm. I have been used for the EAGALA Program and will be used for the Therapeutic Riding Program soon!

I came from our executive director’s farm because she believed I would love Therapeutic Riding, she was right! Since I am such a curious horse it took very little time for me to get used to all the obstacles, toys, and props used in the therapeutic riding lessons! I have a large stride which my trainers say will be nice for certain riders who would benefit from more movement. I would love to meet new friends soon and hope to see you around the farm!



Hey there, my name is Gavin. I am a tall 8-year old Percheron/Thoroughbred cross gelding. I love people, I always want to be pet and loved on. I am currently used in the EAGALA Program where I get to interact with clients who ask me to play with balls, walk through poles, and over ground poles. EAGALA is great for me because I am very sensitive and in tune to human emotions.

I was trained as a police horse and was rehomed to Hooves of Hope recently! I really love it here at Hooves of Hope – the people are kind and take great care of me! I am good at ground work and enjoy showing how brave I am by walking though many “scary” obstacles that my trainers create for me to play with. In the field I have a lot of friends but am not easily intimidated by other horses because I am one of the larger horses here on the farm.



Hi, my name is Star! I am a Quarter Horse mare and am 17 years old. I am quite pretty and keep myself very clean even while out in the field! I’m pretty easy going and get along with most of my pasture mates.

I am owned by our executive director, Blair Newsome and was brought to Hooves of Hope a couple weeks ago! I used to be used in 4H and ridden by children so my owner thought Hooves of Hope would be a good fit for me. I am used in the EAGALA Program currently but have started training for Therapeutic Riding. I am still getting used to all of the obstacles and fun object that the riders use! Hopefully I will progress quickly and be used for therapeutic riding lessons soon.