Therapeutic Carriage Drive Program


Therapeutic (Carriage) Driving  

Therapeutic Driving provides an alternative to riding for individuals with mental, physical or sensory disabilities who may not be able to ride a horse due to weight, inability to sit astride the horse or other reasons. Participants are able to interact with the horse and control the horse when driving, just as they would if they were riding. Therapeutic Driving provides more security for those who may be afraid of heights, have balance issues or low muscle tone. The movement that participants feel when driving is different than when riding and can be very soothing, especially for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Therapeutic Driving can be beneficial for many others as well, including those diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X Syndrome, ADHD, Developmental Delay, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and Learning or Language Delays. The benefits of Therapeutic Driving are numerous! It allows the participants to learn about horses, safety, tack, and equipment, as well as independent and teamwork, and helps to improve posture and balance, coordination, large and fine motor skills and what might be the most important for some–increased confidence and self-esteem!