Dear Volunteer Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Hooves of Hope Equestrian Center, Inc. The mission of Hooves of Hope is to provide children and adults, with diverse needs, a solid foundation for developing life skills through equine-assisted activities and therapies in a safe and caring environment.

Hooves of Hope not only provides hope and happiness to our riders, but we seek to inspire volunteers as well. Due to the generosity, care, and hard work of our volunteers we are able to change lives and provide many forms of equine-assisted activities and therapy (EAAT) to the individuals we serve.

However you decide to get involved with Hooves of Hope, we hope that you will experience the wonderful bond between horse and participant. There is nothing better than hearing a participant speak their first words while on horseback, or watching a smile come across their face with a nudge of a horse’s soft nose. At Hooves of Hope, obstacles are overcome daily and we welcome you to be part of changing lives with us.

Volunteers Are Essential to Hoves of Hope’s Growth and Ability to Serve!

Volunteers assist in therapeutic riding lessons, caring for our horses, building obstacles, and improving the barn. All volunteers are required to full out a volunteer application, then the Volunteer Coordinator will work with the volunteer to decide where their talents are best used! Those that want to assist in therapeutic riding lessons go through a sider walker training and a leaders training.

Ways you can volunteer at Hooves of Hope

Feeding and Grooming
• Help feed grain, hay, and fill water buckets
• Groom the horses before the start of a session
• Familiarize yourself with the horses and assist barn staff in their care

Barn Maintenance
• Clean stalls, buckets, tack, or the viewing room
• Help paint walls, obstacles, props, and signs
• Construct obstacles

• Walk alongside the participant during a session
• Contribute to the participant’s safety and fun
• Experience the joy and smile and be a part of the human to horse bond.

Horse Handler
• Lead a horse during a session
• Assist the participant as they learn to control the horse on their own
• Form a relationship with the horse you are leading

Office Assistance
• Help in keeping up with filing, paperwork, and organizing
• Find and write grants for Hooves of Hope
• Put together posters, educational tools, flyers, etc.
• Help organize fundraisers